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It is by no coincidence we decided to build a healthy-eating brand, Natural Kitchen. Our founder, Tony Chen, has have 18 years professional experience as a sushi master chef in Manhattan, New York. Passionate in delivering quality food to consumer, Tony believes our cuisine should not be only be focused on taste, but also on health and freshness! After launching the first restaurant, Poke Bowl Station, with two partners in 2016, Tony aimed to expand his beliefs on healthy eating by initiating more stores. Merely one year later, in 2017, two Poke Bowl restaurants were established in New York. Last year, in 2018, Tony succeeded in bring the concept of his success, POKÉBOWL STATION, to the University Of Florida, to which the students and faculties deeply enjoyed.

Because Poke Bowl serves mostly various fresh raw fish, Tony noticed that customers also requested cooked food from time to time. To satisfy such needs and to continue to expand his passion for providing fresh food, he created Natural Kitchen, a nutrient-rich healthy brand based on freshly cooked food; which aims to serve all age groups.